• Early Tertiary evolution of the North Alpine Foreland Basin .

    12mmyr 1 between 50 and 37Ma and approximately 20mmyr 1 between 37 and 32Ma. Evolution and orientation of the Tertiary coastlines infers .[#]

    Lysozyme conjugates for enzyme immunoassays

    Nitrogen will normally be present in the linking group as tertiary or .Diglycolic anhydride (255mg, 2.2mmole) was then added, the mixture .[#]

    [Optical quality after 2.2mm microincisional cataract surgery.

    2.2mm microincisional coaxial phacoemulsification .size, executive dysfunction correlates with reduced .2008 to December 2011 at a tertiary care center.[#]

    The enhancement of methyl tertiary butyl ether oxidation by .

    size and high catalytic properties, which provides.2mM MTBE Gordonia is the best isolate to degrade.groundwater contaminated with methyl tertiary butyl .

    .. suppurative keratitis: a report from tertiary level .

    Direct microscopy in suppurative keratitis: a report from tertiary level .with larger ulcers (>2mm) than eyes with smaller ulcers ( less than 2mm.[#]

    .iodinated X-ray contrast media in secondary and tertiary .

    2008102-rejection is most likely to be size/steric .Compared to the 2mm I.D. column, this column .tertiary treated wastewater by direct injectio.[#]

    Proptosis - Profile from a Tertiary Care Centre in Northern .

    21mm or a difference of>2mm between both eyes. In all patients, a .patients with proptosis presenting to a tertiary referral centre in Northern .[#]

    Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Region in Ethnic .

    It was a tertiary and quaternary referral centre for the entire territory. .Tumour excision with a 2mm skin margin for HNBCC with well-defined margins.[#]

    Oxidative Degradation of Monoethanolamine

    The failure of tertiary alkanolamines containing primary alcohol groups to .In Figure 3.12 area 2 0.2mM NH3 1.5 0.2mM NH3 1 0.5 0.07mM NH3.

    Tài liu Báo cáo khoa hc: Efcient RNA ligation by reverse-.

    and tertiary structure elements are less stable (.cleavage ligation site, as well the size .,2mmspermine, 15 mm Tris HCl. Samples .[#]

    Leaf Assemblages across the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in .

    (drip-tips) are uncommon and leaf size is . Lauraceae (Fig. 2MM), "Ficus" praetri- .the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in the Raton .[#]

    Report-Isolation identification and control of vancomycin .

    In the current study, garlic showed 8.6, 12.4 and 16.2mm of the ..reus isolates from intensive care units of tertiary care hospitals in .[#]

    .A five years retrospective clinical study in tertiary eye .

    Microbial keratitis: A five years retrospective clinical study in tertiary eye.of ulcers withsize greater than 2mm in 2.7% and moderate ulcer in 71.1%.[#]


    various organic tertiary amines well known in the.(on samples of 2 mm in thickness by 2mm in . size distribution and amount of fibrous and .

    Improved sensor membranes

    tertiary, trialkyl amine that is functionalised at two of the alkyl chains. Adsorpotion of a monolayer of MSLPEG400COOH onto a 2mm<2> gold .[#]

    Therapeutic compositions including bio-availability enhancers

    resin further comprises quaternary amine functionality or tertiary amine . Typical particle size ranges are from 0.00001mm to 2mm in one variant .[#]

    Tertiary aromatic amine accelerators derived from para-amino.

    Tertiary aromatic amines derived from para-aminophenethanol act as accelerators for the peroxide catalyzed polymerization of vinyl monomers, especially.[#]


    20131123- [0075] In certain embodiments, the elements of an implanted tissue treatment product can have an organized tertiary structure, such as a me.[#]


    heterocyclic compounds and tertiary, aromatic, aliphatic and heterocyclic amines.The mixture was rotovaped at 2mm Hg at 90°C to remove excess oxime, .

    Fireproof laminates

    tertiary amino compound therewith is preferably .size as described above and heated to about 60.0.2mm, 30g/m2)to 100 parts ofSumidur 44V-.[#]

    Organometallic compound purification and apparatus by .

    such as the size of the stripping column and . such as tertiary amines or tertiary phosphines,. (CH3CH2)2GaCl <10 60-62 2mm Hg None (.[#]

    Resin compositions

    of particle size 0.2μ - 2mm to be evenly dispersed in organic solvents..ed with the epoxides, is preferably a tertiary amine or salt thereof e.[#]

    Cross-linked rubber composition, rubber roller, and method of.

    the technique of polymerizing the tertiary .of size A4 were passed through the rubber roller.(20mm x 30mm x 2mm) for use in tests was .[#]

    Lubricating oil composition containing aminoester dispersant

    Amino ester products, useful as additives to lubricating oils, may be prepared by reaction of an alpha-nitroketone and a tertiary aminoalcohol.. may b.Online++